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One of the largest reconditioning shops in New Zealand, we provide all of the following and more.

10816005 - excavator loader with backhoe works


13706640 - track-type loader excavator at work

19546124 - haijaa, finland - may 12, 13: scania r500 truck parked at haijaa, finland on may 12, 13. equipped with a high-tech simulator, ergonomic researchers at scania seek to improve conditions for drivers.

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  • Cylinder Head Remanufacturing
    Franklin Engineering use state of the art technology at to remanufacture cylinder heads. We understand that the cylinder heads we remanufacture for our clients are fitted to their front line...
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  • Gaskets Parts Catalogue
    FOR HELP AND ASSITANCE CALL US ON 0800 00 1628  ...
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  • Engine Parts Catalogue
    Welcome to the company that gives personal and professional help in your search for automotive parts. Established over 40 years ago, and with a combined experience of over 100 years...
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  • Engine Reconditioning
    We have been looking after our clients for over 45 years with Engine Reconditioning and Services on: - Transport (Trucks , Trains and Buses, in face anything diesel) - Earthmoving...
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  • Metal Refurbishing and Spraying
    You name it, we can reclaim it:...
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  • Engine Balancing
    Engine balancing eliminates harsh vibrations and helps reduce wear and tear on individual components. Balancing will make your engine last longer and improve its overall performance. Fuel consumption is lower...
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  • Diesel Engine Parts
    Franklin Engineering parts department can offer competitive pricing and source many different engine parts for petrol & diesel engines to late model. Petrol, light & heavy diesel parts available from...
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  • Piston Rings
    Piston rings are an important part of an engine because they seal the combustion chamber and regulate oil consumption. They're also important in heat transfer. However, pistons rings are subject...
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