Piston Rings


Piston rings are an important part of an engine because they seal the combustion chamber and regulate oil consumption. They're also important in heat transfer. However, pistons rings are subject to wear and tear because of the constant friction of the pistons. A vehicle with worn out piston rings will produce blue-black smoke and use excess oil. Fortunately, Franklin Engineering Ltd are able to provide piston rings for your every need. Franklin Engineering is the parent company of Johnson Piston Rings, which manufactures New Zealand's largest range of piston rings designed for vintage engines. Johnsons are unique in being able to custom make piston rings and hydraulic sealing rings for most cars, trucks and small engines. They can create one-off piston rings for anything from a ship to a lawnmower, and their efficient service means the waiting time is on average only five working days. Johnson piston rings are manufactured to precision standards from high quality materials and have a proven performance record. In addition to Johnson piston rings, Franklin Engineering stock Grant piston rings and Hastings piston rings, which are also good quality products.


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