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Metal Spraying Specialists in Auckland

Franklin Engineering are metal spraying experts specialising in extending the life of metal surfaces and components of engines and machinery. Our metal refurbishment ensures consistent, long-enduring performance of your automotive equipment, so you can continue using your engines for years to come.

As one of the leading automotive engineering companies in New Zealand, Franklin Engineering are dedicated to providing metal spraying services that protect your products. We offer a range of services to boost the performance of all engines. Contact us today to find out more information about our expert services.


Our Metal Spraying Services

As metal refurbishing professionals, we provide extensive metal reclaiming services. We’re able to refurbish:


  • Worn seal tracks
  • Shafts damaged by bearings
  • Crankshaft snouts and journals
  • Main tunnels on cylinder blocks
  • Cylinder block and head surface repairs
  • Transmission shafts and axles


With all our key services, we promise no heat distortion, fast turnaround times and to use the latest technology. Franklin Engineering has one of the largest automotive engineering shops in the country with some of the latest technology available. Our commitment to providing the highest-quality refurbishment work has allowed us to invest in front-running technology. This, alongside our forward-thinking experts, creates an environment of innovation and reliability in each and every job we do.


Metal Refurbishing

Regardless of the age and condition of your metal components, our team can go through the entire refurbishing process to bring it back to life. With over 40 years of experience as diesel engine experts, we’ve definitely seen it all. Working with Franklin Engineering guarantees the life of your engine and its components, ensuring a well-running machine once we’ve finished with it.


Metal Spray Coating

Protecting your metal components is just as important as the process of fixing them up. When you work with Franklin Engineering, we make sure to offer and provide metal spray coating protection to further prolong the lifespan of your engines. Franklin Engineering has perfected the metal spray coating process. Our team can protect a wide range of metal items, for your machine to continue working as it should.

Metal spraying is the process of coating the surface of your metal materials with a wide range of other metals. This process forms a barrier against outside factors that may cause your metal to corrode or rust.

Metal spraying is well-known as one of the best forms of corrosion protection. It’s commonly used on materials that are frequently exposed to the elements, this includes engines and other automotive components. Franklin Engineering recommends metal spray coating as a very effective way of protecting your equipment. Get in touch with us today for more information.


Why Franklin Engineering?

Over the past 40 years, Franklin Engineering have established ourselves as one of the leading automotive machinist specialists in New Zealand. Our services are trusted across Auckland to be consistent, trustworthy and efficient. We work with our customers to tailor the best solution for their needs and their equipment. With a customer-centric approach and an innovative attitude to our craft, the Franklin Engineering team can guarantee a great service on your machine.

With one of our fields of specialisation being in metal refurbishment and spraying, we place a heavy emphasis on providing top-tier results for our clients. Working in-house with the latest technology allows us to promise efficiency and speed on all projects. We also offer free pick up and delivery within the Auckland region, with additional free quotes on enquiry.

Please get in contact with our friendly team today to enquire about our metal refurbishing services.


The Benefits of Metal Spraying

Metal spraying, often referred to as thermal spraying or spray coating, offers a significant number of benefits as a protective coating on metal components. Franklin Engineering takes into account all aspects of the engines we work with, to guarantee the best possible results from the process.

The coating benefits include:

  • The ability to form a barrier between external elements and valuable metal components
  • Extend the life of your engine with preventative measures taken against rusting and corrosion
  • The coating material used is versatile. Depending on the metal being protected, we’ll choose the most suitable alloy.
  • Metal spraying can offer electrical insulation benefits, often useful in vehicles.
  • Metal spraying can improve grip strength. This benefits the functionality of many heavy machinery.
  • Metal spraying provides thermal insulation protecting components in areas of high temperature on machinery.


Further Services

Not only is our team able to provide protection for your engine components, but we are also able to refurbish and replace existing materials. Franklin Engineering   custom engine parts, engine refurbishment and engine balancing to keep your machine running the way it should. As Auckland’s leading machinists, we’re enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate as engineers. We can help you with any of your engine needs and we’re happy to do it.

Our Engineering Services include:


  • Engine reconditioning
  • Engine refurbishing
  • Parts sourcing
  • Custom parts engineering
  • Engine balancing
  • And more


Get in Touch with Us

If you would like to find out more about our expert metal spraying and refurbishment services, please feel free to contact us through phone or email. Our team are here to help you decide what solutions are best for your engine and how we can help craft the best performing results for you. Call us today or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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