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Engine Balancing Services

Engine balancing eliminates harsh vibrations and helps reduce wear and tear on individual components. Balancing will make your engine last longer and improve its overall performance. Fuel consumption is lower in a well-balanced engine, and emissions are decreased.

Our experienced technicians at Franklin Engineering have proven championship results and use the latest computer technology to accurately balance your engine. For racing vehicles, we balance engines to New Zealand motorsport regulations. Our workshop has digitally controlled Sunnen DCB-750 and DCB-2000 balancing machines, which are both fast and precise. These two machines have different systems controllers and we choose the one that best suits the needs of the job. The versatility of the DCBs means we can use them on crankshafts from a wide variety of engines: single cylinder, Harley Davidson, in-line 4, V6, V8, large diesel, and even industrial pumps and compressors.

While other engine balancing specialists may work on just high-performance vehicles or just industrial or marine motors, the team at Franklin Engineering have the equipment and expertise to balance almost any engine.


Our Engine Balancing Expertise


Engine Balancing for Road Vehicles

Franklin Engineering are capable of performing engine balancing for standard or high-performance cars, trucks, motorcycles and vintage classics. With the latest in-house technology and forward-thinking engineers, our engine balancing services are versatile and complete.


Engine Balancing for Racing Vehicles

Our team can perform engine balancing for racing vehicles such as speedway cars, muscle cars, drift cars, off-road vehicles and racing bikes. This includes flywheel lightening and balancing. We can also add heavy metal (Mallory) to crankshafts. As highly technical automotive engineers, we’re able to carry out engine balancing on all high-performance vehicles.


Balancing for Industrial Equipment

Our balancing services don’t just end with vehicles. We’re able to balance industrial equipment such as Armatures, rotors, pump implores, large fans, mower drums, high-speed cutting heads, hubs and pulleys.


Balancing for Marine Engines, Shafts and Propellers

Franklin Engineering provides balancing services for the marine industry as a part of our core services. We work with your marine engine to optimise its running capacity and keep it safe on the water.


The Benefits


All Engines Can Be Improved

The team at Franklin Engineering holds the belief that every engine can benefit from engine balancing. Regardless of its shape, size or use, engines can always run smoother.


Avoid Wearing Out Internal Components

Engine balancing aims to reduce internal loads and vibrations that have a negative impact on your engine’s performance. Over time, an unbalanced engine can wear out or corrode leading to component failure - which can be disastrous for your machine.


Use Less Fuel, Become More Efficient

All new engines are bought balanced. However, this is lost over time with use and replacement of internal components. Engine balancing helps reduce the amount of energy needed to power your machine. This means that you’ll use less fuel, reduce emissions, run better and run smoother.

Engine balancing helps your engine run more efficiently for longer. Contact Franklin Engineering to talk about balancing your engine today.


Our Guarantee

Franklin Engineering has the capacity to take on any engine related issue you may be having.

As mentioned, with one of the largest automotive engineering shops in the country, we have the ability to work on all types of engines. With a specialist focus on heavy diesel engines, no job is too big for us to tackle.

Franklin Engineering guarantees to provide high-quality parts, to use the latest machinist techniques and to finish each job efficiently and quickly with our extremely skilled and experienced staff. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on our team for all of your engine related issues.


Further Diesel Engine Services


Engine Reconditioning

Engine Reconditioning is one of our core services here at Franklin Engineering. We work diligently to produce reconditioned and refurbished engines for our clients. Our specialities range from heavy diesel engines on industrial machines to everyday petrol cars.


Metal Spraying

Metal spraying is a revolutionary technology that allows you to protect your metal components against rust and corrosion. Franklin Engineering makes longevity our priority with this service, ensuring your engine’s materials remain functional for as long as possible.


Engine Parts

Our team are well-established as suppliers and sources of top-quality diesel engine parts. For any of your machinist needs, Franklin Engineering can help provide or source parts. Get in touch with us today or view our catalogue to find out what’s on offer.


Piston Rings

Whether you are looking for standard Johnson Piston Rings or you require custom parts created, our talented engineers can come up with a solution. Our clients trust us to provide the ideal components for their engines.


Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Franklin Engineering offers all of our customers with free pick-up and delivery within the greater Auckland region. Our team makes it easy for you to get quality care and service on your machinery.


Free Pricing Estimate on Engine Balancing

If you would like to know more about our competitive pricing for our engine balancing services. Please submit a request and we will be back to you with a free quote.


Contact Us

Get in touch with us today if you would like to enquire about our engine balancing services. Our friendly team are here to help you find the best solution for your engine. Fill out the form below or contact us on 0800 00 1628 to find out more information.

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