EGR Cooler Cleaning Services

EGR Cooler Cleaning Services

Franklin Engineering Provides Professional EGR Cooler Cleaning Services in Pukekohe

Franklin Engineering, Pukekohe’s local diesel engine reconditioning experts, services all types of EGR coolers. With expert care and precision, their team of technicians remove soot, ash, carbon and other impurities that build up over time inside cooler components. Regular cleaning helps preserve the lifespan of EGR coolers, ensuring efficiency and performance of heavy diesel machinery.


Prevent Major Issues, Enhance Efficiency, and Prioritise Performance

The proper function of EGR coolers is essential to the overall performance of diesel engines. With the presence of contaminants building over time, operations can be compromised, leading to decreased efficiency and the risk of wider engine damage. By thoroughly cleaning your system, you can expect to protect the longevity of your engine, preventing the likelihood of major issues impacting machine function in the future.

Franklin Engineering’s workshop is equipped with top of the range of engineering parts and tools. This, coupled with our technicians’ vast experience, allows us to tackle a complete range of diesel engine services to the highest standards. Regardless of your engine model and make, we’re able to find a solution.

At Franklin Engineering, we offer free pick-up and delivery to our Auckland based customers, prompt turnarounds on all jobs, and competitive pricing. Trusted around New Zealand, our team are diesel engine operators’ first choice for engine related services. Our commitment to premium engine services has placed us as the preferred option for our craft, providing customers with the necessary reassurance that their diesel engines will run the way they should.


Franklin Engineering Offers Replacement EGR Coolers for Izuzu, Nissan and Detroit Engines

Alongside our cleaning services, we also offer replacement EGR Coolers for a number of top brands. Izuzu, Nissan and Detroit engines are just a few of the manufacturers we supply coolers for. With contacts around the world, we are also capable of sourcing products upon request.

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